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NEXT GEN Sponsor: SKYDEX Technologies  US

SKYDEX Technologies - Shock Mitigating Decking & Seating

SKYDEX Technologies is a global leader in impact mitigation and cushioning solutions with technology installed in over 20,000 military vehicles and 6,000 marine craft.

SKYDEX engineers have developed shock mitigating seat cushion inserts for the marine sector ranging from ‘jockey-style’ seating on RIBs and open boats to ‘truck-style’ seating on cabin and wheelhouse arrangements.

SKYDEX seat cushion solutions are driven by the SKYDEX team’s expertise in shock mitigation gained from being the leading provider of marine decking for over a decade. With the addition of seating, SKYDEX is able to offer shock mitigation protection at each major touch point that an individual has with a marine craft.

SKYDEX CEO James Taylor said, 'We are partnering with marine seat OEMs to develop custom cushion inserts that enhance their mechanical suspension seats as well as provide primary impact mitigation when mechanical suspension is not present. We are very pleased with the positive drop tower test results and on-water test feedback we are receiving from our partners.'

Particularly suitable for vessels unable to accommodate mechanical suspension seating due to weight restrictions, existing craft configuration or cost, SKYDEX seat cushion inserts replace a portion of the foam in the existing cushions. Testing has shown that SKYDEX reduces the effects of RS (Repeated Shock) and WBV (Whole Body Vibration) within the existing seat configuration and with little or no weight gain.

Installed in 6,000 marine craft over the last 10 years, SKYDEX is excited to introduce a range of new products to their impact mitigating boat decking product line. SKYDEX Boat Deck is now available in a range of thicknesses based on the level of deck coverage and mitigation required. It can be fitted on new boats or added as a retrofit solution. The technology leverages elastomers and proprietary geometries to create a multiphase spring that is engineered to react differently to various levels of impact.

SKYDEX is a high-performance technology company that engineers customized impact and cushioning solutions. As a leading global supplier to the armed forces, SKYDEX is engineered to excel in the harshest and most demanding conditions. From blast-mitigating decking installed in 20,000 military vehicles to impact-absorbing components in bomb suits, SKYDEX engineers its propriety, geometry-based technologies to meet specific requirements that maximizes both product and end-user performance.

James Taylor added, ‘We are pleased to support this unique event that enables us to launch new products that are relevant to maritime professionals worldwide.’

Workshop Presentation Title:

'High Performance Seating and Decking Solutions

to Reduce Effects of Impact and WBV'


James Taylor – President & CEO, SKYDEX Technologies >

Workshop Presentation Title:

'Utilizing Polymers & Geometries to Create Multiphase Springs

for Commercial & Military Applications'


Peter Foley – Chief Technology Officer, SKYDEX Technologies >


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