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Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats are known as RHIBs in the US or as RIBs worldwide. The main characteristic is an inflatable collar attached to a GRP, FRP, composite or aluminium hull. High Speed Craft (HSC) can refer to planing craft including Foam Collar Craft, Fast Landing Craft, Interceptors, Pilot Boats and Patrol Craft.

The Challenges

The evolving challenges for RIB & High Speed Craft operators worldwide include faster craft, increased time on the water and changing operational requirements. A major challenge for the builders of next generation high speed craft is delivering platforms that balance high performance with the physical demands on crew and passengers.

Professional Boats & Equipment

The RIB & HSC Directory brings together specialist OEM boat and equipment manufacturers for professional operators of Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIBs) and High Speed Craft (HSC). The Directory is designed as a time saving resource for marine professionals and decision makers worldwide.

Tenders and Procurement

Decision makers and buyers want the best engineering available for their budget. Concise, relevant online information assists with tender specifications and supports procurement decisions. RIB & HSC Directory entries summarise individual products with a consistent layout that can be read quickly and used for comparison.

Operational Requirements

Search & Rescue, Military, Special Forces, Coast Guard, Homeland Security, Police and specialist marine organisations need craft that are capable of operating safely in extreme conditions. To achieve this boats and equipment need to be selected to protect crew and passengers from injury.

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