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NEXT GEN Sponsor: WING Inflatables / Henshaw

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NEXT GEN Sponsor: WING Inflatables / Henshaw

WING Inflatables - OEM Sponsons & Tubes

NEXT GEN Workshop Sponsor, Wing Inflatables Inc from the US, is proud to announce the acquisition of UK based Henshaw Inflatables.

The team at Wing and Henshaw is excited about the alliance of their two companies. Wing is the leader in inflatable maritime solutions in North America and Henshaw is the leader in Europe, so it is business as usual on both sides of The Pond!

Wing CEO Andrew Branagh, who will oversee the company as President of Wing / Henshaw, said, 'The union of our two companies leverages the many strengths of both. Our combined library of engineered tube designs is unmatched by any other company in the world. Having engineering staff on both continents with such varied industry experience allows for a unique blend of capabilities and opportunities.'

Wing is regarded as the leader in polyurethane heat-welded seams, while Henshaw is considered the leader in CSM / Hypalon® construction. Wing / Henshaw aims to bring the power of varied technologies and capabilities to customers worldwide. The unified company will maintain existing US and UK manufacturing, sales and administration.

Henshaw Founder Chris Hornidge will serve as a mentor to Mr. Branagh and will maintain an ownership interest in the company. Andrew Branagh added, ‘I am absolutely thrilled to see two companies with such talent, experience and momentum come together to solve the inflatable maritime needs of our customers. With the combined force of this dynamic team the opportunities are limitless.’

WING Inflatables Sponsor NEXT GEN Workshop on 26 October 2016 >

RIB & High Speed Craft Workshop Presentation by Andrew Branagh >

WING Inflatables specializes in designing and manufacturing 4 types of RHIB tubes / sponsons.  Air, Air / Foam, Hybrid and Foam sponsons can be made to fit virtually any design of Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats (RHIB). WING partners with some of the finest OEM RHIB builders in the world and currently provides sponsons for approximately 90 percent of US military RHIBs.

Today’s Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats (RHIBs) must perform in extremely rough environments. When considering warfighters’ missions, those requirements run the gamut from daily patrols to special operations in austere conditions. 

WING CEO and President Andrew Branagh said, 'The US Department of Defense approached WING about producing Combat Rubber Raiding Craft using the same materials as WING sponsons. After supporting a full conversion by the US Air Force, Wing is currently in production to supply up to 1500 5.8 and 4.7 metre inflatable boats to the US Army and 2100 4.7 metre boats to the US Navy.'


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